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Roben Bellomo has his camera on a tripod in the center of Carmel’s Behn Gallery. He moves around quickly, almost catlike, adjusting the lighting to get the image he wants. Bellomo is a fine arts photographer and multimedia artist. He creates, knowing exactly how he wants his pieces to turn out.

At a glance, his recent partnership with iconic Russian painter Valery Kosorukov might seem unlikely, but the two have a lot in common. For instance, both have focused their artistic talent on ballet. Throughout his career, Kosorukov has painted the prima ballerinas of Russian Ballet. For his part, Bellomo has done countless works for the Indiana Ballet Conservatory. They are also both residents of Central Indiana. When Bellomo found out Kosorukov was living here, he began researching the artist.

“I learned of Valery and his extensive study of ballet,” Bellomo said with a smile as he sat in his Carmel gallery. “I was amazed. I started learning about him. I did some research. I was amazed that we had such an amazing master artist right here in our community. A lot of people didn’t know that, including me”

Until the end of March, Bellomo’s Behn Gallery will remain filled with the works of Kosorukov. What’s more, the visiting artist is doing interactive events in the gallery, meeting his fans, and showing how he creates.

Bellomo has been photographing, interviewing, and shooting videos of the artist. That work forms the foundation of a fascinating short-form video about Kosorukov which can be viewed in the context of the gallery and Kosorukov’s work.

Bellomo wants the snobbery sometimes associated with the art world to be gone. “Art is for everyone,” he said repeatedly during our interview.

For more on Roben Bellomo and the March exhibition of Valery Kosorukov’s work, visit Behn Gallery’s website.

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