Members may fish in a pond which abuts their lot other than those ponds in which fishing is prohibited. All members may fish in Marshall, Hendricks, and Elgin Ponds. Note that access to Elgin Pond is available only from Fairmount Street.

*Fishing is prohibited in Hourglass Lake and Kew, Druid, Tree Shadow, Dogwood and Wilson Ponds. These ponds have irrigation lines and electric devices that may be damaged with fishing lines. Swimming, ice skating, and other ice-related activities (including ice fishing) are prohibited on ALL ponds and lakes.

Explore Ponds

Fishing is only permitted at Marshall, Hendricks, and Elgin Ponds

Beveridge Pond

Bromley Pond

Churchill Pond

Dogwood Pond

Druid Pond

Elgin Pond

Fishing is permitted.

Faringdon Pond

Harleston Pond

Hendricks Pond

Fishing is permitted.

Hidden Pond

Horbeck Pond

Hourglass Lake

Ice Pond

Kew Pond

Limehouse Pond

Lodden Pond

Marshall Pond

Fishing is permitted.

McNutt Pond

Mill Pond

Quack Pond

Quayle Pond

Schricker Pond

Taggert Pond

Tree Shadow Pond

Wilson Pond