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The Village of WestClay

A unique and identifiable sense of community

No other neighborhood in the Indianapolis area provides its residents with such a variety of neighborhood spaces and facilities for people to meet, work, entertain and relax.

Designed to complement and enhance the architecture of the distinctive homes, these places form the heart and soul of The Village of WestClay®, contributing to a unique and identifiable sense of community and pride of place. The natural environment is also important. More than 171 acres of open space will add to the quality of life at WestClay, providing opportunities for active recreation on the trails or playfields, or quiet reflection on the park benches around the lakes. Almost ten miles of paths (and more of sidewalks), all leading to real destinations, create a pedestrian-friendly environment, oriented toward safety and fitness.


University Green
University Green

University Green
Situated in the heart of the Village Center, the park is bounded by Wentworth Condominiums on the northwest, Brownstones at WestClay on the northeast and southwest, and the downtown area on the southeast. The park features a public open space on which Founders Corner, a croquet court, horseshoe pit, Trustees Hall and Victorian Gazebo are located.

Founders Corner
Founders Corner is located in the southwest corner of University Green, corner of Glebe Street and University Crescent. The park features a number of child-friendly features including a walled play area for small children with a sandbox, seating area, swings, merry-go-round, teeter-totter, checkerboard, climbing structure, and puppet theater. Bike racks are located nearby.

Provost Park
Located at 12545 Meeting House Road, south of the Village Center, Provost Park is the largest Clubhouse and Park in WestClay. It includes a pool, tennis and fitness center and clubroom. It also has plenty of outdoor space and contains a wooded nature area, walking trail, and Tree Shadow Pond.

Nimitz Park
Nimitz Park is located in Rhettsbury, on the corner of Stanhope and Branford streets. The park features a gated playground housing two play structures with a flower garden encircled by a seating area.

Herman Wells Park
Situated in Rhettsbury, at the intersection of Treaty Line and Stanhope streets, the park has a gated playground housing a play structure, swings, and a large open green area.

Deerstyne Park
Deerstyne park features a gated playground for older children complete with swings, play structure wtih two slides, and climbing apparatus. Deerstyne also has a firepit and is flanked by a large wooded area. It is located in Deerstyne, bounded by Friars Lane and Treaty Line, Deerstyne Green and Chartwell streets.

Hidden Park
Hidden between the neighborhoods of Trowbridge and Bishopsgate, this park features a nature area and walking path encircling Hidden Pond.

Harrison Park
Harrison Park

Harrison Park
Harrison Park encircles Druid Pond, Kew Pond and Hourglass Lake, on the south side of Horseferry Road. The park includes ponds and trails extending from the Village Center to Hourglass Lake. Monuments honoring Oliver P. Morton and George Rogers Clark can be found within the park, as well as, the Greek Temple, the Wellhouse, and the Gothic Gazebo.

Jackson Circle
Located at the intersection of Horseferry Road and Bonaventure Avenue, adjacent to Harrison Park, is Jackson Circle. You may recognize it by its Centerpiece Fountain surrounded by an English garden and flanked on the western edge by the Cecil Street pergolas.

Chapel Square
Located in Bishopsgate, bounded by Chapel Square Street, on the north side of Horseferry Road, Chapel Square features a formal garden square with stage area and wrought iron structure.

Broughton Green
Broughton Green is located in Bishopsgate. It is Bounded by Horseguard Close, on the south side of Broughton Street. The green features a gated play area on the eastern edge of the park, with a large open green area bordered by stately oak trees.

Pershing Green
Located in the South Village, bounded by Horesham and Branford streets, this area features a children’s play area and green area surrounded by maple trees.

Jennings Green
Jennings Green is situated between South Village and Bellingrath, bounded by Meeting House Road, Burke Drive, and Mowbray Street. The green includes a quiet garden area with a shelter in which to rest.

Settler’s Legacy
Located in the southernmost reaches of The Village, south of Bellingrath and north of Leighton, to the east of Meeting House Road.

Ronald Reagan Green
Ronald Reagan Green is a public open space which includes a fountain, a large chessboard, putting green, bocce ball court, horseshoe pit and park pavilion. It is located at Main Street and Towne Road, south of WestClay Uptown and west of Deerstyne.

Halsey Green
Halsey Green

Halsey Green
Hasley Green features a unique school playground with two play areas. It is located in the West Village and is south of Ronald Reagan Green.

Truman Green
Truman Green, located in the West Village, west of Ronald Reagan Green, features a passive green space.

Goldwater Park
Located on the west side of Towne road and south of Main Street, this park is located in the heart of West Village. The park includes a public open space which includes two tennis courts, basketball courts and a baseball diamond.

Calhoun Square
Calhoun Square connects Trowbridge High Street and Broughton Street just north of Broughton Green and features a passive public space.

Gadsen Park
Located in the westernmost reaches of the Village, west of Towne Road and just north of 126th St.

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