The Village of WestClay: Carmel's New Urbanism Community

Story originally appeared in Hamilton County Business Magazine

Hamilton County is home to many beautiful neighborhoods of all sizes. One community, however, has earned some distinctions that may surprise you. The Village of WestClay in Carmel is the largest residential community, not only in Indiana, but in the entire Midwest.

Bordered by 136th Street to the north, Coxhall Gardens to the south, Ditch Road to the east and Shelborne Road to the west, the Village of WestClay has more than 1,700 homes and 5,000 residents. Jeff Terp, the Executive Director of the Village of WestClay Owner’s Association says it’s like a town within the city of Carmel. “If you look ay our annual budget of almost $5 million on 780 acres, we are larger than some cities in Indiana,—even in Hamilton County,” says Terp.

The Village of WestClay has its beginnings 20 years ago when the Brenwick Development Company envisioned a New Urbanism community in Carmel. It was the first and only development of its kind in Indiana and was modeled after other New Urbanism developments in places like Columbus, Ohio and Baltimore, Maryland. Ground was broken in 1999, and the first home show was held in July 2001. It is now a national leader in New Urbanism with communities from all over the country visiting to learn how to duplicate it.

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